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WHAT is Manufacturing ERP ?

WHY Business need ?

WHEN is the right time to implement ?

How Atomwalk office will help the business in this journey?

WHAT is Manufacturing ERP ?

Manufacturing ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platform solutions and systems used to plan, manage, optimize operational efficiency and deliver specific functionalities that support manufacturers and manufacturing business operations. Manufacturing ERP platform systems are built to consolidate data and workflows into one unified system and integrate any business process, to create a complete business management platform for manufacturing companies.

In addition to the centralization of data into one unified system, ERP systems also assist in the automation of various business tasks. By connecting different departments and workflows, day-to-day tasks can be streamlined through elements such as automated file transfer and notifications.

WHY Business need Manufacturing ERP ?

Manufacturing ERP platform systems are a type of manufacturing management solution that increases the organizational efficiency of an enterprise by managing and improving how company resources are utilized. Improving and/or reducing the number of resources necessary without sacrificing quality and performance are keys to effectively improving manufacturing business growth and profitability. With Manufacturing ERP systems, companies have the ability to manage critical aspects of everything from shop floor operations to supply and inventory planning.

WHEN is the Right Time to Implement Manufacturing ERP ?

Companies into Manufacturing business should consider an Manufacturing ERP platform system for manufacturing management when existing business systems and processes:

How Atomwalk office support Manufacturing ERP ?

With change in technology like cloud services, blockchain, iot and penetration of internet in India, every business whether small or large needs technological support to run their business in an efficient manner to keep them ahead in competition. This is where Atomwalk Office is going to provide necessary technological support tool to small and medium businesses at very affordable price as cloud services where business not to worry about installation, upgrade and data security and loss.

Manufacturing business can leverage the Project Management, Inventory Management and Process Template Modules in Atomwalk Office to proactively manage and control and automate the operational efficiency of the business process. In addition to this Rule based Account reconciliation with Sales , Purchase, Accounting modules and CRM modules will ensure an integrated system for the business eliminating the need for multiple systems that don’t communicate with one another.

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Project Management
  • Project Activity Allocation Tracking
  • Project Activity Dependency (Critical Patch)
  • Schedule Tracking
  • Item Cost and Effort Tracking
  • Efficiency tracking at Activity
  • Project Documents, Alert management
  • Integration with Procurement and PO
  • Integration with Inventory Allocation, Wastage and Release
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Inventory Management
  • Item Category and Group
  • Inventory Item and Service Item
  • Item Supplier management
  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple Units
  • Warehouse management (Bin Locations)
  • Item Serial Number handling
  • Item physical inspection and open balance
  • Item min order qty and Expiry date tracking
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Process Templates
  • Activity Definition with User group
  • Equipment and Document definition for Activity
  • Process definition for a Product
  • Process Activity Dependency
  • Process items and Bill of Material

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Sales and Procurement
  • Sales order, quotation, proforma invoice
  • Tax Invoice
  • Payment, GST Tracking, TDS handling
  • Return, Credit note handling
  • Purchase Order, Purchase requests
  • Goods Receipt (GRN)
  • Goods Return/Shortage/ Debit Note
  • Purchase Service Order, TDS handling
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Customer Management( CRM)
  • Customer Details
  • Customer Sales/Payments Tracking (Bank/TDS)
  • Agreements
  • Customer Type/ Group
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  • GST report Support
  • TDS and TDS reconciliation
  • GST Reconciliation with A/c

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Bank Reconciliation
  • Bank Statement Upload
  • Account Reconciliation with Sales and PO
  • Rule based reconciliation of Expenses
  • Bank statement View
  • Reconciled statement view
  • Bank, Exchange rate setup
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Financial Accounting
  • Sales report (Period/Party/Outstanding)
  • Purchase Reports
  • Inventory (opening and closing stock)
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Financial Reports (P&L Balance sheet, Cash flow, Change in Equity
  • Aging/ DSO
  • Depreciation Schedule
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Reports and Dashboard
  • Manager Dashboard
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Account Receivable and Payable
  • Party wise outstanding
  • Batch reports like Sales overdue, GST not filed
  • Report Templates
  • User Access control